they have the most beautiful faces
they say they know how to appreciate art
so they read poems
they spill wine on bread
they toast their eyebrows and eat their higienic paper
they dye their hair, they might even try every religion until they are sure that
god talked to them
and they leave their circle of friends to understand what loneliness is
they listen to songs and go to concerts
they read books on - how to do it -
they sleep with everyone and everyone wants to sleep with them
they go to galleries and take pictures of their favourite pieces
they think that in everything they do
there has to be a mirror pointing in the right direction
lights, camera and action!
so they become gods, heroes or prophets
and they save many lives, and they die knowing they will be remembered
because they accurately designed their piece of safe eternity
in other words
they accurately planned their wild existence
they were always are in control

but they were not born in the jungle babe
they didn't invented the pogo!
so they don't have a broken teeth
for all the shit they had to eat deep down there
they actually don't understand what it is to try
and to fail once, and twice and always
at matching "the requirements"
they don't understand what it feels to not be able to see what's wrong with yourself
they are not ashamed of looking at themselves in the mirror!
because what they see reflects 100% what others around them see
they cannot ever fully live on themselves because they will always have
the right light singing to their shadow, or at least a piece of portrait as a backup
they cannot hear the devil talking back to them everytime their words bounce off the wall
they don't understand that rejection is the shadow licking the balls of art

and my hate for them is only matched by my envy of their stupidity
cuz all i am able to create is chaos
and all they are able to admire is harmony
and to be honest sometimes i wish i could get along with peace
but everyday it feels as if it was my last battle
and when i wake up my intention is to destroy it but most of the time
i get destroyed
i mean
at least they have the right eyes and ears to lie to themselves
but when i try, i fail
so thanks for reading until here
and lick my balls
when you can

from spanish