If you haven't tried Thorpy's pedals out yet then you're missing an absolute treat in my opinion. I was at the UK Guitar Show yesterday and tried them all out (the one's that I haven't got at least) and the quality of them is incredible.

Here's my demo for the Peacekeeper. It's a low gain overdrive. Perfect for that light bluesy sort of thing. Free, John Mayer etc etc.

I should add as well that I do demos for fun and I'm not linked to any other company
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I'm with you. I got a Fallout Cloud (the renamed Muffroom Cloud) and a Gunshot, and have been looking at the Warthog and Peacekeeper.

Thanks for posting this!
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The Peacekeeper,gunshot and Fallout Cloud is an incredible combination. All drives are covered.
The holy trinity! I've seen a lot of boards with all three on.