Hello everyone,

I've recently gotten into bass, and I have one guitar tuned to Drop D/Standard, and I have another guitar for Drop C.
I already have a bass for Drop D/Standard (Epiphone Thunderbird Gothic IV, it's pretty great) but I would like to have one for Drop C, preferably the Schecter Stiletto Studio 4.

I've heard that Schecter guitars were pretty decent at holding fatter strings, but can the same be said for their bass guitars?
And if so, what string gauge would any of you think would be optimal for Drop C on a bass?

You can basically use any tuning on any instrument with the right strings and setup
That being said I'd use a 50 -120 type set (possibly a 50/55-110 set with the low string replaced with a single 120). The nut slots would have to be widened a bit, but other than that it should be completely fine!
Maybe with DDT Strings it would work.
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Just make sure you give it a proper set up. I use my 4 string bongo for drop C and it works fine, just get some bigger strings and do some work to the nut.
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