I'll often find wrong chords on an existing song. Is there a way to suggest edits? I'm using the Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app (with a lifetime pro license). I couldn't find how to do it there...no problem logging into the desktop if required.

Lots of times chords will be passable, but not quite right. Other times they're just completely wrong. I'm a pretty decent piano player with a great ear, and I'd like to ideally suggest what I believe is the right chord for the good of the community.

But ultimately, I really just need to modify the tab/chord for myself so I don't read/play the wrong chord live. So I'd think that I'd have the ability to basically make my own copy/version of the song and edit it (or lets say I'd prefer to read the song in flats rather than sharps).

What is the standard procedure to suggest edits and/or spin off my own version with corrections?
Do you see the "suggest correction" button? That should be exactly what you're looking for
It's at the bottom of every tab. You won't see it on the TabPro website, so in that case, yes go to the desktop.