Hey guys i have a Marshall DSL100 Head and MX412A Cab right now. Its so loud its almost impossible to practice with it and it doesn't sound the greatest when it cranked between 0 and 1. I was thinking about either trading or selling it to get Marshall dsl 40c combo amp. my question, is that amp powerful enough to take on all the needs i would throw at it better than the marshall 100. Like practicing in my bedroom to rehearsing with the band to playing shows at night clubs or festivals. Im wanting a versatile amp with that classic tone. I mainly play rock n roll and blues music. And if you have a suggestion of other amps throw them at me but im really a marshall guy tho. Thanks
wll it work yes will it be significantly better at lower volumes well probably not.   practice with a 50 watt tube amp and honestly it doesn't get much past 1 and often not even 1. one thing you may eed to do is to eq your amp for the lower volume. as volume increases certain tones are more prominent. settings that sound good at band level ofen don't sound as good at lower volumes. same in reverse. 

you may want to think about getting a seperate practice amp if you really feel this is an issue. 
I have a DSL40c and find it great for home practice as well as all my band stuff (also got sick of the 100W head and cabinet). I like to practice with the same amp I use live as I feel you need to get to know all it's nuances. I did swap out the speaker and play with the tubes to get it how I wanted it.
The DSL40 also has a half power setting. For me, I prefer to keep it on the 40W setting and just turn it down a little more or it loses some of the aggressiveness of the tone. I also have a 2W all tube practice amp which I am going to sell as, even at lower volumes, the DSL sounds much better.