I've been really tempted to get an Epiphone Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic. I'm looking at similar guitars (as possible alternates) and I've come upon the D'Angelico EXL-1A, which seems like it should be fairly similar (maybe better? I don't know). Basically I want an acoustic guitar, and I really like the feel and sound of the Epiphone (tried it at a local music store)... now I'm also wondering about the EXL-1. It seems very similar to the EXL-1A - except for the humbucker pickup. I'm wondering how they truly compare. Is the EXL-1 just like an acoustic but with an 'electric guitar-style' pickup? I've never tried either of those so I'm kind of curious... the EXL-1 looks like your typical hollow body jazz box, right?