total $400ish. bit of extra room. more money in april.


i am going with the stereo DI because i am under the impression that i could run it mono, too, so it would save me from $50 buying two DI's.

i don't know what cables i necessarily need. help would be nice on that. also what brand/quality do you recommend?

also i need to get a second mic. all i i have is a SM57. i am recording guitars and guitars only at the moment.

i have a focusrite 2i4 running into reaper. as far as the computer, its an i7, 16gb ram., two drives (one solid state) one 2tb windows 10 64bit. i doubt i will have problems.

for mointors i have rockitt 6's. i know they aren't the best, but i picked them up so cheap its fine. i am not near the level of going for studio quality yet.

also what drum software would you recommend?
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I bought the stereo exactly so I'd have two in one, I 've tracked 2 guitarists with it, no prob. Some argue that the recording fairies come out better with the other one (single Radial passive di), the chunky transformer supposedly having something to do with it.
I'm not sure why you're going active reamper. I went passive, no issues. Reamper might need special cable, in my case 1/4 in to xlr male. It is a strange cable that I had to special order. If I lose it, I can't reamp.
For mics, I'd say try maybe a Samson ribbon VR88 or MD421 if you can afford, e609 for something on budget. I use AT2020 and SM57 on the grille, mixed to taste, but combine 2 dynamics sometimes. Ribbon mic is different ballgame, it brings out other characteristics so might be worth playing with one. The Royer at $1k is the guitar mic, but that's crazy $$$$, the VR88 has decent rep. You could even try cheaper but I'm not syre what to recommend.

Software - I'd say look at EZDrummer, been a happy user. I remember liking BFD and Steven Slate as well.