So I've posted some forums about a 7 string explorer way back when. Around Christmas to be exact. I found a Chinese vendor to build the guitar for me. It looks good, but I have no idea what I'm getting. Hopefully it's good!

Last night I received my final complete picture of my guitar. It's waiting to be shipped. I had this made because James Hatfield is a huge inspiration, but the 7 String idea came from Matt Heafys 7 String Explorer. Didn't want a 27" scale, so I settled with a 25.5. I only play a half step down so no worries on intonation and clarity(ehhhh maybe). Tiny hands make it hard to play.

Here's the pics of the building process, notice the big gap and duped pictures.
Please raise an NGD thread when you actually have the guitar in your hands and you can do a proper review of it first. Read the forum rules please.

Raising NGD threads when the guitar isn't even in your possession yet is silly.
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