Any info on this would be appreciated as I've done Google searches and found nothing. I just bought an ML "Warbird" and love it but I'm having a problem with the fine tuners not wanting to turn. After having set the intonation I find that the heads of the string block screws are interfering with the fine tuning screws. I'd like to replace the block screws/bolts with something longer as there is plenty of room in the cavity to accommodate that. But I don't know much about the bridge other than it being a licensed Floyd. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
I've had the same problem on two different Floyds, and I couldn't find longer string lock bolts either. The actual problem is that the bridge studs should be slightly closer to the neck. However, moving those can be a lot of work, especially for a recessed Floyd like yours is. My workaround was something I had left over from a garage door opener install. Search on Amazon for "genie garage door opener clips". I placed one clip on each string lock bolt head where the fine tuner was getting jammed.
dunno what size the thread is. Help?

So far the thread is just two posts. Wait. No. Three.
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So far the thread is just two posts. Wait. No. Three.


Dean got back to me. The diameter of the threaded portion of the screw is 3.73mm and I'm pretty sure the thread density is .7 since that seems to be standard. 50mm in length should do me right. Now I just gotta find somewhere I can order less than a box full. I think I can taper the ends myself with a little ingenuity.