So, we've been changing jam space quite a bit in the past months and my amp started making these intense cracking and popping sounds when well warmed up. I have a peavey 6505 head connected to a Genz Benz cab and I also have a pedalboard with about 5 pedals (powered with a 9v adapter) and a channel switch on it. I'd say the problem came up at first when I bought a fuzz pedal (Big muff) and I felt like it was taking a lot of power to run (the sound became inconsistent at time).We since moved out of that jam space, I switched to a lighter fuzz, changed a few old cords and removed a pedal or two from the board to see if it would make a difference to no avail.

I took the head to the shop, the guy didn't find anything wrong with it and he played the thing a lot during the week it was there. So I'm left wondering if I should either take the cab to the shop or buy a power supply, any ideas ?
How long ago did you change your power tubes? After trying it with no pedals, as diabolical is suggesting; if it's still making those noises, the power tubes would be my next suspect. If it is your PTs, don't run it anymore without replacing them. I learned the hard way...
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KailM I changed them about a year ago, and like I said I took the head to the shop so the guy would've known I suppose, but you guys are right I'll test it without the pedalboard and see if it holds up, my guess so far is I need a power supply, I'll keep you guys updated!
So wait, is your pedalboard powered by ONE 9V adapter? Like, the whole thing? If I had to make a guess I'd say you are running into current issues, as in your adapter isn't drawing enough for your pedals.
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