I'm kinda dreaming here but I'm thinking that this would be such a useful pedal that I can't really believe it doesn't exist...

I'm imagining a pedal that would be basically an instant lead tone in a box. 2 signal chains, one thats an OD and would go between the out of your pedal board and the input of your amp, the other signal chain would be an EQ (or atleast a dialable mid boost and volume boost) and a simple Delay (like 200-300 ms) and would be in the fx loop to boost your apparent volume and give some ambience. Continuing the dream it'd be greatl if it could have remote switch capability so you could leave it on top of your amp and save pedal board real estate. I know this is doable with multiple pedals but having it in a one pedal solution, plus it would save from tap dancing.

Does something like this exist or am I just dreaming?

Thank you guys for indulging me.
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Multi effects pedal with patches & 4 cable method?
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Multi effects pedal with patches & 4 cable method?

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Yeah mfx is the best for that. Another option is a pedal like the Amptweaker distortion pedals which have an fx loop so you could put a delay there and turn the pedal on for solos and you'd have your lead tone without much tap dancing (I know you said just one pedal, this is just the closest I could think of)

I've thought about that, and if I decide that I "need" this I'll likely go that route. I'm really just looking for a backup rig for my Axe FX. I have an older voodoo labs switcher but really want to keep it all in a pedal board.
A midi setup is what I have now... looking for a 2nd or back up rig option that's not Midi based.

Get an amp with either an assignable FX loop to a channel (like the Mesa Roadster - I.e. Channel 3 the loop is off and Channel 4 it's on all by just switching channels) if you don't use the loop for your rhythm tone or multiple FX loops (like the Mesa RoadKing).
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Some similar options but all in one, these should work good with a clean-ish tube amp.
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Carl Martin Quattro - this one has fx loop so it can send to amp
(amp fx loop send into Quattro fx loop return, then the Quattro output into the fx loop return of the amp)