Hi all,
Bit of a beginners loop pedal question. I've tried googling for an answer, but I'm not even sure what you call this function. Basically, I want a loop pedal which will let me record a short phrase, say a bar, and then let me overdub that to make a longer phrase. For example, I record a 1 bar percussive loop, then I want to loop that 8 times while I overdub a bass line, giving me an 8 bar loop. Then, say, play two chord variations over the bass line giving me a 16 section. I had thought this would be standard in basic lookers, but I can't work out how to do it with the Boss Rc1 I've borrowed.
Does anyone know what this function is called and what lookers have it?
I guess I could use two pedals...
It is called 'Multiply', and the only one that does it well AFAIK is the Echoplex Digital Pro. I use this all the time. The Boomerang III can do this, too, but it is a little trickier- you are basically resampling other running loops onto another loop. The Echoplex does this much more elegantly.
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Brilliant. At least I know what it's called now, so I can google it. Someone elsewhere suggests that the vox lil looper does it. The echoplex is way out of my price bracket. I think just buying a cheap second looper might be a better option for what I want, now that I think about it. Thanks.
More expensive loopers allow you to record multiple loops of different length but synchronized. You could do this with a cheap looper by just recording the first 1 bar percussion over the total number of bars that you want the largest loop to be (16 in this case). Then record the bass the same way.
Thanks chaps. The more I look into it, the more it looks like running two pedals would be the most flexible option. And if I stick to digitech stuff, they should sync as well. I wasn't even thinking about syncing, just running a short loop on the first pedal manually starting /stopping the second to create a longer repeated loop with a varying second part. The multiply function seems quite unusual. But if I get, say one Jamman Stereo and a second more basic like the JM express, I should have loads of synced and unsynced options.