I just uploaded my fifth song.
What do you guys think?
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There are some riffs in here which I wish my guitarist would have come up with...

I'm not a fan of instrumental music personally but as a singer for a band (that can also play guitar), if you were to show me that in my band, I'd take a bunch of those riffs and you would have 2 or 3 songs from it with some killer riffage. 1:04 is an example... slaughtered.

As far as criticisms, be careful with keeping to the tempo with your playing on those riffs using a pedal note. 1:36 for example, it sounds like you're dragging towards the end of each phrase which is a bit of an uneasy feeling to hear.

Also, get yourself a band. A riff is made amazing by what is surrounding it usually (drums, bass). Those drum beats got a bit stale and sounded very 'I picked these out of a drum loop programme".

Good work man, really enjoyed it!
karstaag666 Thanks for checking out. I am not a fan of instrumental music as well, but my vocals skills won't let me record vocals ;-)
But I have vocal teacher and we working on it. I hope in my next song I wont drag towards.

About your song. I also enjoyed it, guitar are really "in your face" and nice distortion but little be to tight for my taste. What did you use for them?
Also enjoyed vocals, but in some parts I have a feeling that you straining a little and pushing the sound.

And I would do something with a kick, it is lost in the mix. Specially comparing with the snare.

Good job! Chorus \m/,
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I think you have some good ideas here, but it appears that your biggest weakness is stringing all the riffs together in a meaningful way. There's nothing wrong with using a single chord to transition to the next section, however it does becoming uninteresting after a couple of times.At 2:05, the change back to the opening riff feels very abrupt, given that everything literally stops and starts up again like the song just repeated. Transitions like this make the track seem more like a collection of riffs, rather than one cohesive song. Also, a big part of making any track sound good when double tracking is being able to play everything tight. Like karstaag mentioned, there were a few times where the guitars where not in sync. Recording with a metronome will teach you to play on beat and before you know it, it'll be like second nature.

You've obviously got some good lead chops, like at 2:25, and I wish you would have incorporated more of that into the song. Production-wise, this is pretty good. The drum mix is solid, although I would consider bringing up the snare a bit, it's kind of hard to hear at times.  Don't be afraid to switch up the drum rhythms/feel a bit too, it makes the song seem less monotonous. Overall, I would say that you're on your way to making to great tunes. Keep at it! 
Hey, nice riffs! The production on this is also very strong and in your face and fits together nicely. There are some amazing riffs in there. 1:05 is an absolute Monster. The playing is very good but I agree with others who pointed out that the main pedal riff sounds like it is dragging slightly and it is off putting. Other than that timing was solid. Very nice lead ideas including good melodic lines rather than pure shred. the song is not perhaps as cohesive as it could be and it is difficult to identify particular themes or ideas but I really enjoyed the riffs themselves. Keep it up!

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