Hey there! I was wondering, what's the best way to hold the pick/pick the strings, if you want to play fast? I usually hold the pick linear with the strings, but read that holding it more turned will make it easier to play fast. What is actually the best way?
For every way of holding the pick and every method of picking there are guitarists that do so and play fast.
Some styles of music tend to favor various ways and methods to produce a characteristic tone, articulation, or authentic "feel" of the style, but there is not a "best way" even when you narrow it down to particular music styles, not even a "best way" for a particular song...

With that in mind, what is your path now?
- what kind of music do you play?
- how do you hold the pick?
- what method(s) of picking do you use?

The definitive analysis on picking was written by Tuck Andress a long time ago. It is long, detailed, comprehensive, and amazing - every guitarist should study through it at least once and review it every six months or so. There is an outage problem with the internet going on this week and a lot of links are failing, including the one to Tuck's picking analysis. Hopefully it will return to being available; the link is below.

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Thank you for the link! I will definitely look into that link!
(For info, i mostly play rock, hard rock and sometimes metal. I hold the pick with my thumb and index finger, and i mainly use alternate picking)

Thanks for fixing the link!
tobias.lausten. given what you've just said you play, I will caution against taking too much of what Tuck Andress says in that piece to heart.  His clarification and use of terminology is helpful, but his advocacy of following George Benson's picking technique is... flawed, in my opinion.  He doesn't seem to take in to account people who really need to be continually muting and controlling noise under high gain.  His technique may work very well for people who play jazz boxes with a clean tone all the time, but for people who play with distortion and need to control feed back, muting string noise and controlling all open strings against sympathetic vibration is of great concern, so playing the way Benson does, and the way Andress advocates, doesn't really work, at least in my opinion.
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