Hey mate, thanks for your review. I'll give you my thoughts but I don't listen to much shoegaze, so keep that in mind.

First of all, the recording is very polished, but the clicky sounding kick is something I expect of a technical death metal band or an EDM artist, is this really what you want? It just comes across as strange, perhaps look into some other samples which have a bit more bass in them, or lower the high shelf if you applied one. I noticed this in your other recordings as well actually. By the three minute mark, I'm finding that there isn't quite enough change or dynamics in the piece. I think you should try to change up the dynamics, have some quieter parts, even if it is only for a short while, I find it a bit fatiguing on the ears. Musically, you could modulate, change time signatures, add additional melodies, etc. So much more could be done with it, it feels like a skeleton of a piece right now.

Awesome, yeah Strangers was written in haste. My biggest problem is I get lazy and impatient, so I just crank out the song as fast as I can to get it done otherwise i'll never get back to it. Haha I never noticed that about the drums, but come to think of it I just about use the same drum preset on my drum machine, again out of laziness :s I do plan on having my drummer record over the tracks once we get times set up, so I mostly just try to lay something down that works and will later have him do his thang. Also I'm not surprised you noticed that about the song (dynamics and changing wise), my music is really simple in comparison.

I'm listening to more of your songs as we speak (On Fissured Precipice) Dude, your songs are so damn interesting I love it!! You know, it almost reminds me of Deathlok I think the name is? Shoegaze tends to drone on in comparison, not much of it changing too much. But yeah, you may just be one of the only heavy metal bands I like out of them all, I usually don't listen to it but your music is like a god damn adventure and I like how you throw in different instruments outside of bass/guitar, very unique. Definitely just followed you on SoundCloud.

On my song I think the bridge is the stinker here, I didn't put any thought into it and just slapped it on there. On listening again I can hear in my head a different bridge, something that drops some of the sound and drums, perhaps having a whispered verse that builds to the chorus again, think that would add some dynamic? I'll have to see. Thanks for the tips, definitely going to mess around with it more and not put it on the back burner lol cheers!
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Cool, I'm hoping to get my hands on a real drummer who can play my stuff too.

Thanks for your compliments, you're not the first to compare my music to Dethklok. I'm guessing you might not be interested in the heavier side of music because of the vocals? If so, I would recommend virtually any progressive metal band. I have my favourites, i.e., Teramaze, Anubis Gate, etc, but there are plenty to choose from. You may also enjoy post-metal and post-rock, such as Toundra and Mono.

Try taking the chord progression you have for the main theme, modulate it and the vocal melody and have an instrument (e.g., guitar, vocals, or synth) play/sing the part. What you describe could work in context with the modulation too. Good luck!
Thank you for the reviews! I will answer your questions on my thread in a few minutes, though your tune reminds me a bit of the Cure (one of my favorites). I was surprised by your high quality for spending only 3 hours. I was expecting something crap-tastic. This sounds rather 80's, which is right up my alley. The drums are simple, but they work well for the song; I like the sounds. I like the 80's vocals, and the 80's effects on the vocals and guitar. I like the bass riffs and tone also. I dig it enough to ask for a possible free download. Good job man! I live in Los Angeles county myself.
aaron aardvark

Thanks man! I'll be going back to more of your songs, you have a ton to check out, no idea how you've written so many man props.

Yeah, I've been going for a bit of an 80's sound without sounding too 80's. Some friends and bandmates are saying I sound like Marilyn Manson, guess that's cool. I'll send you a download once I figure out how.

If you dig the 80's sound, you'll probably enjoy this one too. Bandmates are saying this song should be our "single" unless I write something better, I definitely put a little more time into this one like almost a full fucking day and it has more dynamics I guess, more changes and more going on with the song in general with drum fills. If you want the download for this one too lemme know. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1726542

Oh dude, me and the band should be playing live soon in Echo Park/Silverlake. We're trying to be ready by April, I'll let you know when and where our first show is. I'm nervous af, for one i've never been in a band before let alone formed a band, never played live before. I started writing music last year and just going for it, some people dig the music and we're only young once right? Cheers.
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Hello there.

This is pretty solid for 3 hours work. That being said I would agree with what HaydonHohns said - the track is a bit repetitive and lacks dynamics or development. The track sort of reminds me of an 80's gothi band sound - I think largely due to the clicky kick sound and the mid range heavy bass guitar.

The vocals are well done - good performance and they sit well in the mix (another of my failings in my tracks).

I feel your pain with regards to impatience - I have an idea and want to get it done as soon as possible. That being said it normally takes me several weekends to actually get anything ready to release - but thats due to lack of skill. I always mix over the weekend and then stick an mp3 on my phone and resolve to take it to work and listen in the car as I drive on Monday morning. This means I get to hear the mix in a different context and means I wont get anything further done until the following weekend - so it draws the process out and means I'll hear it again fresh the following Saturday, when I might have more resolve to try a bit more.

Anyway, nice work.


Thanks man! Yeah I got extremely lazy on the track, definitely going to go back and change the bridge and maybe add a small little thing for the chorus, maybe sing it slightly different etc. Will upload it when I change it.

Oh and for vocals, hmm yeah a lot of people are complimenting me on vocals sitting well in my songs. I don't EQ them or nothing, i'll tell you what I do and it might give you an idea or two to help yours sit in your mix as well:

I basically just use heavy compression, and most of it is extremely dry outside of adding like anywhere from 5-10% wet reverb on one vocal track or two. I usually record 3-4 vocal tracks and sing them slightly different, panning etc, some more guttural and some more breathy vocal takes, making sure the performance fits the mix so I don't really need to do much of anything to them other than record it because I know jack shit about EQing. Try using heavy compression if you don't already and slight reverb/delay? I dunno, I'm not great at mixing I think it's because my music is more simplified. Big fan of less is more. As far as the whole mixing the complete song part, I "mix" minimally on the spot while I'm recording the song at the same time, I never mix when the song is done cause I wouldn't know what to do lol.
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Very well polished production. 
I think there's a unified aesthetic that everything fits well into. The vocals and guitars work well together to build the melancholy mood of the song.
The only part that I think does not fit well with the music is the bass drum that sits quite prominent in the mix.
I am not a big shoegaze listener so my critique may just be unfamiliarity with the genre, but I think a change in dynamics or instrumentation somewhere in the bridge area could spice it up a bit. Maybe let the drums fade out for a bit, leaving a melody part a little more bare before filling it up again. 

Over all I think it's a good song that is very effective in creating a mood/ atmosphere , well done dude.
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