So I tried to install some straplok buttons on my guitar. Turns out one of the screws of the original strap button is broken with most of it (about an inch and nearly all the threads) inside the guitar body about 2mm deep from the surface. The other piece of the screw with the head is about 1/4 inch and has about one turn of the thread. Any ideas how I can get the rest of the screw out?
If this happened to me I'd probably try these, in this order:

1 - Get the smallest bit you have and see if you can drill a line/groove in the top of the embedded screw that you could stick a very small flat head screwdriver in and unscrew it that way. If you don't have a really small bit see if you have something small and sharp you can use as a chisel to wack a groove into the screw with to get the same effect. You can test this method on the part of the screw that broke off to see if the metal is soft enough to chisel with an old pen knife or something. If you think it's in there too tight this probably won't work.

2 - Drill the entire thing out with a bit about as wide as the shank of the screw, and just drop a new screw in there. I don't think you'd have to use a bit so wide you drilled out all of the old screw's threads; the new screw will just get a really tight grip after jamming the remains laterally into the wood. Plus if you went for something as wide as the old screw's threads, you'd have to glue a dowel in there and re-drill if you wanted to use the same size screw again.

I'm not counting on #1 working, but I offer it because it's worked for me in other scenarios. Good luck!
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Drilling that screw out would take a drill press and a hefty clamp on the guitar. Its not impossible but most likely if you dont have the hand strength of a silverback gorilla the bit will probably slip off to the side and chew up the wood. I would just drill a new hole very close to the old one and cover up the old hole with a felt or rubber washer.