Hello everybody! I have Epiphone LP Special II and about a year ago I started to top wrap my strings over the tailpiece. Has been working great, like the feel. But the stopbar angle is worrying me a bit. Is that angle damaging my guitar? I tried to screw it more but it won't go any deeper. Thanks for help!
What you're seeing is common. The tailpiece of my Gibson V does the same thing. It's caused by the tolerance in fit between the tailpiece and tailpiece studs.

In an ideal world the tailpiece shouldn't be leaning forwards like that when topwrapping, but it isn't doing any harm either.

However, topwrapping the strings does leave scratches in the plating of the tailpiece.
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T00DEEPBLUE Okay thanks very much. Yes the strings have left grooves on the tailpiece but as long as it isn't more serious then it doesn't bother me.