Hey all,
I'm looking for advice on what has changed with electronic kits over the last 10 years or so. Here's my situation: I used to gig in a rock band about 15 years ago. Nowadays, my two guitar players are doing small gigs playing country and top 40 (just two guitars) in local rooms around town. They want me to join for a three piece, but an acoustic kit is too loud for these places. I have a Hart Dynamics Pro 6.4 electronic kit (that I've pretty much never used) with an Roland TD-12 module sitting in my basement. They want me to dust it off and use it for the gigs.

So my question:
Should I just fire this thing up and use it, or has it become horribly out-dated over the past 10 years? It's a 6 piece trigger kit (big) - and I really only need a four piece. Am I better off selling these and getting something more modern and smaller? I'm really mainly concerned about whether my stuff is antiquated due to the fast evolution of electronics. Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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I'd say if it sounds good and it picks up every note you play, who cares? 
And cant you break down the 6pc into a 4pc?
If it sounds good with the band, i'd say go for it.
A TD-12 is a really great drumkit and the Hart is quite a nice setup to use it with. The only thing that might be an issue is the sounds - you will either love them or hate them. Electronic drums sound nothing like acoustic drums. 

There are two ways to get around that restriction: 

1) Get a VST like Superior or BFD on a laptop and trigger sounds. The only thing to be concerned about is stability - I'm really scared of running laptops on stage. 

2) Update the module to something like a 2Box. This will get you VST quality sounds. Of course, buying a new module is expensive. 

Personally, I would just use the TD-12 as is, but you may notice that a lot of people will not like the sounds. Unfortunately, Rolands don't sound great due to the fact that they use some sort of synthesis rather than samples. I have a TD-30, and I don't think it sounds great vis-a-vis the drum software I have. 
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