Hi folks!

My Vox VT50 stopped working in the middle of a jam session. I had the master volume nearly dimed at the time. At first I thought I blew the speaker, because I could still hear my guitar through the headphone jack.. But after trying out another speaker to no avail, I reckon I must have blown the power amp.. Anyway, how should I go about repairing this thing?
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Grlzzly I would start with checking the internal fuses. Amps can contain lethal voltages even when off and unplugged so if you are not comfortable draining and working around that voltage, just take it to a tech.

Hey Will,

I'm not really sure where the internal fuses are... I know there is one by the power cord socket, but that one is fine. Google doesn't seem to be giving me any pointers for this either.

One more thing: when I get power level knob past 70%, it immediately starts making a thunderous, distorted noise loud enough to wake up my neighbors.

Another diagnostic step that I've taken: I soldered a jumper to bypass the mute function on the headphone jack, but still no sound. And with this whole power level knob thing, my problem is probably worse than just a faulty headphone jack. I still haven't tried replacing the tube though. It looks good but I understand appearances can be deceiving :[
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