The other day I was asked which acoustic guitar could be my choice when it
comes to playing some faster solos ... Taylor seems to be working fine.
I hope this helps.
What is your opinion ?
Part of "maximum shredding with an acoustic", is going to be very dependent on how well the guitar can be "set up", and the player's choice of string gauge.

Now, guitars with better leveled fret work, will allow the "action" to be set a bit lower, adding to the "play-ability" of the instrument. But, that's not necessarily brand or price dependent. I may be a case of whether it was built on a Monday or Friday, or the other "good days" af the week.

Gibson uses "Pleck" machines on their recent guitars to allegedly aid play-ability. A decent luthier of tech may also be able to do an excellent job of fret leveling. Don't get your hopes up to high though, acoustics will, due to their nature, never hve as low aqn action as the best electrics.

And that's only for the fact, you can't here a bit of fret buzz, with all the distortion going on. With an acoustic you weill hear fret buzz since, "you're first at the scene of the accident", in a manner of speaking.'
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Like CC says, much of it is in the set up, and a lighter string gauge could also help. However, IIRC, Taylor got a toehold in the acoustic market by having necks that were appealing to electric guitarists, and this wasn't common at the time. Now, most acoustic guitars have a neck that isn't much different from a typical electric. It is also worth remembering that some of those prewar players, like Lonnie Johnson got on just fine with baseball bat necks and heavy strings. Even on a big Mexican 12-string, he was no slouch.
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Generally speaking, you're probably going to want all or a combination of some of the following features:

- wider than average nut/fretboard
- cutaway for fret access
- thin neck
- 14 frets (to the body)
- excellent setup

Of course, you could also play fast on almost any setup. I personally don't like action too low on an acoustic. I need some snappiness to my strings so they bite back.
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