I've not long had a Fender Baja tele and while I love the guitar, I absolutely cannot stand the split polls. I've tried searching online but the only place I can find that do normal poll pieces are Gotoh ones, but only locking tuners and are way too expensive for me, or Wilkinson. I was wondering if either anybody knows weather these Wilkinson tuners hold pretty well, or if there are any others that will work better. Otherwise I will most likely sell the guitar as I've tried everything and only been able to restring it twice compared to the 5 sets I've lost.

Here is a link to the Wilkinson tuners
I have the same style tuners on my Tele and I just cut the strings to length and hold them in place temporarily with a toothpick while I turn the peg to wrap the string. Looks a little silly when you're changing strings but it holds tune perfectly fine and I like how clean the string ends are with those tuners.
I don't see why you are having issues finding non-locking tunes with holes instead of split pegs, there are tons of them on the market, unless it is because you are in the UK.

Wilkinson is a reputable company you should have no issues with their tuners.
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Your problem isn't the tuners, it's not knowing how to go about restringing them

Check this post. The two things I'd add to it are 1) I generally allow another inch, maybe two, beyond what that guy recommends for the high E in particular, maybe also for the B and 2) I keep downward pressure on the string at the kink with a thumbnail while winding, and on the string between the peg and the nut with a free finger. Probably the solution above with the toothpick will work also.

I own two guitars with these things, and have owned another in the past, have done this plenty of times and never lose strings for it - and I'm neither particularly smart nor particularly dexterous nor particularly experienced with guitar things. When I've had issues in the past it's always been from not allowing the high E enough length. If anything, I would say split-shafts make it easier to get more consistent stringing.

If you must replace them, Wilkinson should be fine - even crap tuners can hold a string fine under tension and Wilkinson are a good brand. Just be careful about post diameter, as vintage-style ones tend to have a different size to most other ones out there.
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I do practically the same as you do, yeah, just replacing the thumbnail with a toothpick because I can have my hands free that way. I only use it for the higher strings too, the lower strings stay in just fine for me.

It's a bit weird the first time around, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy and it's a nice look in my opinion.

I'd also say that if you really must change the tuners, go for locking tuners. You'll thank yourself for doing so, they're awesome.