Ive had this pod 2.0 for awhile and havnt been able to find a sound out of it that i liked.

I couldnt tell if im just not using it in conjunction with something I should be? although I dont use pedals or stuff like that I do mix everything on a pc in Reaper and T-Racks. I dont feel like black metal really needs pedals and im just not a fan of 2000 dollars worth of sound manipulation to step on.

Can someone give me some tone/amp modulator settings I can try out to make me not wanna snap this thing in half.

I usually go for a blackened death or straight up black metal sound. so either or id be cool with.

P.s. inb4 "Treble 10, bass 0, mid 5" cause ive tried it

also if this has been asked and answered feel free to link me to it and yell at me.
Any particular band or song? Older black metal as a rule sounds awful, but a lot of it doesn't sound half bad in terms of tone. Just having a direction makes it easier.
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.

Oh yeah no problem probably should've added some examples. Something along the lines of Nightbringer (death and the black work album for reference) or even aosoth - arrow in heart. Maybe malign - a sun to scorch album

I know some of them have different sounds but If one is easier to pinpoint than another that's the general sound I'm going towards