I read a lesson about how to identify chords, but it wasn't very useful. It just suggested roots, scales and singing?

I can tab individual notes easily, but I struggle terribly with chords. I often end up tabbing the bass which I hear following the chords played on another path. But not all the time bass arrangements follow Rhythm.

I'm trying to tab the song below by ear. I want to figure it out on my own some how. I just wondered if there was any tips for figuring out chords by ear.
Not really. Practise makes perfect is a saying for a reason.

But to be helpful:
-Root first
-Then the third. Is the chord major or minor? If it's neither than maybe it's a sus4 or sus2. If it sounds both (!) there might be a -9 involved.
-Are there sevens in the chord? Minor 7:ths or major?
-After that it's the tricky things: Does it sound dissonant? Maybe a -5. Does it sound "airy"? Could be an added 9 or 11?