Hello i am just a 16 years old kid and i want to start to learn the guitar.But i have never even seen a guitar in real life so i searched for a month or so and found that i really like the Les Paul style of guitar so i went to the guitar site that has Epiphone guitars in my country (no one else sells Les Paul guitars in my country) and found this really affordable Slash AFD Les Paul and since i like Slash (btw. Ace Frehley is the BEST!<3) i want to buy it.But i have to travel 300 km to the store so i cant just go in and try it out whenever i want to and see for myself.So if anyone has the guitar pack with or without the amp i just would like to know things like does it work,is the action too high,does it have tuning problems.... and basically if you were happy with it and will it be good for a total noob who want to learn the guitar. Ty for all your answers <3
I haven't tried that particular beginner pack.
Here are all the bad things I know about LP-style guitars:
  1. They can be heavy. It's a chunk of mahogany glued to a baseball bat.
  2. They have clunky neck heels. If you're playing high on the neck, the palm of your hand can and will run into a 90 degree corner of guitar body.
  3. They can easily go out of tune. The headstock design pulls the strings back and off to one side as soon as they leave the nut, and you'll often find strings hanging up in the nut after a bend, etc.

The good news?
  1. That small, dense, heavy body is partly responsible for the sustain that attracted players to it in the first place.
  2. People somehow manage to learn to play leads on LPs despite the clunky neck heel, and there ARE LP-style guitars out there that have smooth neck heels.
  3. If you know what can make them go out of tune, you can figure out how to make them stay in tune.

I have a bunch of LP-style guitars. One thing I need to tell you is that if you don't have a guitar tech handy, you'll want to learn how to do your own setups. It's not just for LP guitars, but for almost any guitar. YouTube and StewMac are your friends.
you can do worse for sure. for starters though keep in mind that that is a starter set and neither the guitar or amp is even close to what slash actually uses. you won't sound anything like him using it. the guitar is ok for a beginner the amp leaves a fair bit to be desired.

my biggest piece of advice is that you don't buy a guitar with your eyes. yes i know both Slash and Ace use Les Pauls but that doesn't mean they are the right guitar for you. if possible try out a few guitars in your price range just to see what seems more comfortable. again if possible you might want to check the used section adn see what you can get for the same money. chances are you can do better that way.
Since you will be picking up a guitar for the first time and learning to play I will give you my personal opinion. You won't be doing much standing up and playing. Les Paul guitars are not terribly comfortable to play sitting down compared to a Strat body style guitar. A comfortable guitar that you can sit easily with will help you immensely as you learn to play. You don't have to get a Fender or Squire... A super strat body style from Ibanez or Jackson would work well also. The necks won't be as chunky and upper fret access will be easier as well.

That's my opinion.
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Can you afford more?

You might be able to find a better used LP and better amp for pretty cheap in your area. Might be worth going used over a starter pack.
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DirtFarmer nah m8 here ppl dont play that much guitar and if there are guitars in my area i will be scammed and they will send me a pice of wood instead of a guitar(btw. that actually happened :O)
You could do worse than that for a starter set. The amp will be the weak link there as in most starter kits.

If that guitar inspires you to pick it up and play then by all means buy it. This is critical, especially when first learning.

There are very affordable alternatives to an actual amp like amp software on your computer with a guitar to USB interface of some sort. I've never used the amp in that pack but I'd wager that the amp sims on the computer will blow it away.
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metalmingee I would not be on the amp when learning i would mainly want to learn trough Rocksmith 2014 so the amp is for me just when i want to play a lil bit without the game :P
arwfcaafw1 The Slash AFD is a just a "Slashed" Special II. I have a black Special II, and like it plenty well. Its not much like a "real" Les Paul except in shape. And thats not all bad. Its thinner, lighter and balances a bit better in the lap. It has a thinner bolt on neck thats pretty easy to get around and you can get the higher frets very easily. The pups are alright, especially if you like a "rock" sound. Mine needed a setup as it had some fret buzz due to not enough neck relief. My two dislikes are the plastic nut, which will eventually need replacement (though it keeps perfect tune currently), and I dont like the volume knob being so far forward. I occasionally hit it playing, but maybe I am too sloppy. Most folks that actually own one of these guitars like them for what they are, myself included.
Hate to be the one to piss in your Cornflakes but its a sales gimmick, Basically Gibson/Epiphone paid Slash a few bucks to use his name, Gave it's basic starter pack a facelift and adds a few bucks for the name, Meaning there's nothing performance about it, unless you count some cosmetic crap upgrades. For a beginner its fine, as you wouldn't know the difference anyway, and the fact you associate it with Slash could be a good thing, as it may keep you interested a bit longer than a basic starter pack, My theory is if you think its special it is and it will inspire you to play it, That's what really counts,