Hi guys,

Im about to upgrade to the next level from Fender CD60. I cant really decide between these two. I really need your advice! (Electrinics is not realy a matter, i can buy a soundhole pu later for the Seagull if i decide to go with it)

1. Takamine GD51CE

2. Sagull Coastline S6

Thanks in advance

sidenote: I know there are other threads w the same question, but those are really old.
They are wildly different guitars (smallish, cedar top v big, spruce top), so how did you come to settle on those two?

What style and genres do you play?

A few years ago I would have strongly favoured the Seagull, because they used bolt-on necks that could easily be rest, but reading the specs on that one, it might be their new epoxied neck joint. - Which is a big minus for me, but I'm OCD about neck joints.
Tony Done Im actually into everything a bit. Jazz, acoustic pop, etc. I seek a deeper, warm sound more than the high glossy end. Also low action is very important. (thats my OCD )
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