I'm thinking about buying a Vox Ac30c2 or one of the higher end fender tube combo's for what will mostly be home/garage/basement playing. AM I GOING OVERBOARD? Please help me out! ๐Ÿ˜… Should I get a lower wattage tube amp for this?

I've been saving for quite some time and am ready to purchase an amp that will be the only thing I'll ever need if I do start playing out with a band more in the future.
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Nah, it'll be fine. The C2 has a really good master volume.
Pushing an amp into power tube overdrive requires huge amounts of volume even with fairly low wattage amps, even a 5 watt amp is going to be quite loud at that point. So usually if you don't have to be super quiet (TV volumes) the amp size doesn't matter much since you're not choking it down to the point where the power section takes off too fast. You just need to get the preamp distortion (if you want) and enough volume to move the speakers a bit, which isn't super loud. If you're playing on the quiet side, you might feel like you're "wasting" the rest of the amp's available volume, but that's another topic. I don't drive my car at 160mph so unused amp volume doesn't bother me, but some people feel differently. 

Only thing to consider is if you're getting an amp like a Super Reverb that isn't going to have much distortion until it's quite loud, you may want to get a distortion or overdrive to put in front. Anything without a master volume might need a little help, if you're looking for heavy distortion without blowing out eardrums.

I run a 60 and 120 watt amp in stereo in an apartment, it's not that loud. It can be, of course, but that's between you and the police. 
Roc8995 Thanks man, I agree! I've been saving for awhile so I'm probably going to do it anyway haha. I'm not to concerned about getting crazy distortion just wanna get some good cleans out of it for some old school rock and blues.