I'm looking to get rid of my Line 6 spider III 75 2x12 because there's nothing good about it. I got it off of craigslist for $100 and i believe i could sell it for a lot more than what i paid for it. What would be the most i could get out of it? it's in good shape but the damn thing really sucks.
If you can get 200 for it then good for you. I don't think you'll get any more than that. Price it any higher and you'll be sitting on it for a long time.

If making 100 bucks is what you consider selling it for a lot more than you paid... Then you might have reason to be excited.

Just remember... There is a reason why you were able to buy that amp for 100 bucks.
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Hahaha. Good luck
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Check ebay for completed listings of similar amps.
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you may be able to break even. but you aren't going to profit.

plan on it sitting on the classifieds for a while...
offer it for trade, grab the first thing offered, then sell that.
I just sold my spider IV half stack with the fbv express pedal for 180.00 to give you an idea.
Quote by gregs1020
offer it for trade, grab the first thing offered, then sell that.

good tactic.
If you're really lucky you'll break even but the going rate for them in the UK is about £50 - given that there's probably a lot more of them floating around used in the US I think you need to be setting your sights a lot lower unfortunately.

Basically, you ain't making money on it and to be honest if you do sell it for more than $100 it''s a douchey thing to do because no way is it worth more than what you paid.
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