I mainly play and practice in my bedroom, thus never really turning my amp up too loud.
However when I jam down at my friend's practice space (quite rarely), I always have a blast rolling up to 10's and getting some awesome feedback.
Until now I didn't think I'd be able to recreate this in my bedroom setting (without getting an eviction notice). But have just discovered 'feedback pedals'.
What are your experiences with them? They seem pretty uncommon. But I would love to be able to recreate those massive feedback tones at a quieter volume.

So far, I've watched a demo of the Fender Runaway, which looks like it kicks absolute a**. But it's also proving hard to find online.
I've also checked out a couple of Boss pedals which combine a distortion or clean boost, and a feedback simulator. And the reviews made for these seem pretty negative.

Are there any good feedback pedals out there? Or are they something that should be steered away from entirely? Thanks.
The old ones sound a bit cheesy, the DF-2 is fun for sure but it's pretty obvious after playing it a little while that it's a bit limited in the feedback variety you get.

The new Digitech Freqout seems like the winner in this category. It's the first one that gives you real control over the actual harmonic interval and onset speed.
Probably not a practical option given the cost, but I would say the best option is the Fernandes Sustainer or the Sustainiac. That's the only option I know of that actually feeds back. At the end of the day pedals can't do that if you don't have enough volume. They can generate a tone like most "feedback" pedals or they can boost your signal when it gets quiet and thereby encourage your guitar to feedback on its own (i.e. compressors) but not being able to actually put kinetic energy back into the guitar strings at will limits their capabilities. That said, I'm sure there are increasingly clever ways to cope with that limitation and I am interested in what the Freqout will be like.
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