Hello all.

I am new to the art of Gain stacking. Essentially I play in a Post-punk-rock band with experimental elements, think Fugazi, Sonic youth etc. Axe of choice is a cheap as chips Telecaster.

I have a Blackstar LT-Drive pedal, which is a plexi copy, i like to have it at a fairly low-medium gain setting to mimic a broken up amp and I used my dynamics to go driven and somewhat clean. However sometimes I just want that extra boost to go into a more crazy overdrive or fuzz with feedback effects.

What sort of thing should I be looking at? Clean boost in front of the LT-Drive? Fuzz before or after? Another overdrive? Maybe even a MXR Distortion +? (Guy Picciotto from Fugazi uses that to great effect)

As I use lots of different amps during the week I dont want to have to use the amp to help me out here. Assume I am running a clean amp all the time.

Cheers in advance!
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