I am not some ace guitar player but I do enjoy experimenting , writing songs etc.

Presently I have a Line 6 Spider 4 75W , Epiphone 339 , Boss Looper RC-3 , Acoustic guitars ,Reaper Software , Parrot Cell phone software.

I need advice from all the maestros out there.

What would be your perfect hobby player setup ?

I am shooting for compatibility with PC-tablet etc.
Something very modern.
Looping-effects -editing etc.
Alternate tunings

Budget-not extreme . But please advise and I can add it to my wish list.

I read a bit about Line 6 amplifi ( seems modern ) and variax guitars so far ( confused on them )

Up the irons !!

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I have four Variax guitars. Ask away; I'll try to clear *some* confusion (or add to it).
My two *current* models are JTV-89F (Floyd) in a superstrat shape.

Alternate tunings on a Variax never require that you change the tension of the strings. I tune to E standard and leave it there. A knob on the guitar has factory settings, and you just rotate it to whatever you like. At that point, what comes out of the guitar through headphones or amp is the changed tuning, and you just play exactly as if you had that tuning set physically. If you're practicing at very low levels through an amp, you'll hear both the alternate tuning coming through the amp and the standard tuning acoustically (from the guitar). Sounds pretty funny. Thus...headphones or a louder amp setting

Not only can you use the factory knob settings, but you can add other tunings to the knob directly from the guitar, up to an octave up or down on each individual string. Open G isn't a factory setting on the 89's knob, but you can set it and save it to the knob if you like,and it only takes a few seconds. You can also set and transfer other alternate tunings from a computer to the guitar using the free editing software. This makes everything available on the guitar, and you can use a cable or a wireless and you'll get whatever tuning you've elected coming into the computer or mixer.

If you have a compatible Line 6 device (Helix, HD500, some amps) that accepts the Variax VDI cable, you can save individual tunings in user presets and change them with a single stomp. The VDI cable not only powers the guitar from the Line 6 device, but it also transfers information from the magnetic pickups as well as from the modeling firmware/piezo pickups built into the guitar, and eliminates RF interference and capacitance issues in the process.

But wait, there's more. The Variax was originally developed as a modeling guitar, and it replicates a couple of dozen electric and acoustic instruments in the process. The strat, tele, LP and 335 models are bang on. The P90 and other single coil guitars have the advantage of NOT having noisy pickups to deal with (if you're recording, this can make a serious difference). The acoustic guitar models don't sound like the guitar in air. Instead, they sound like the guitar, miked. The first time I heard these I thought they were crappy and muffled. But as is the case with any miked acoustic guitar, you need an amp or PA system with a full-range output (most acoustic-specific amps have a deeper bass response and a tweeter for high-end). At that point, they're pretty much bang-on. I think the only ones that may still need work are the 12-string simulations, but I think I'm more critical because I actually *have* 12-strings.

You can change the models themselves or make up new configurations using the computer editor, and you can load those into the guitar if you wish. It all depends on how deeply you want to get into things.
I have to have line6 outboard gear to make cardiac work? Can't use a pic interface right
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dspellman thanks so much that was a great response ! You explained it way better than I was able to get off the websites.
The JTV89F are very very nice. I was thinking Dean Zelinksy LaVoce...but I think I have changed my mind.
Amazing that you can control tunings at the guitar.

Thanks for help , much appreciated
Variax is the way to go. 89F is my next guitar.
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Aside from the Variax the other route is the 13 pin guitar synth MIDI stuff, I use a Roland GR-55 along with a few guitars suited to it, My off the shelf job is a Godin XTSA that uses the RMC board and pickup, others are custom built jobs using the Graphtech Ghost Hexpander board and pickup, and I also use the Roland GK-3 pickup that can be swapped from guitar to guitar, and all work well, Granted a bit spendy but once you have the set up , That's it you don't need any more, Provided your amp or other power amp speaker system is up to par, Other than that if you cant coax the sound your looking for out of it you haven't figured out the GR-55 or the sound doesn't exist, Or at least as of yet,
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