I have a Focusrite scarlet 2i2 2nd gen coming and I want to know some good free amp sims to try out before I commit to buying anything. Also any information on doing this for the first time would be great. Video Links, Forum links, etc. I play mostly Blues to Blues Rock some hard rock. I also Want to Know about DAWs. Do You need this for the sims to work. I do a little light recording now but this is just mainly going to be used for the amp sims and effects. I want to use this as a headphone amp that I can play along to the programs on my computer that slow down video and audio
I think my post was a little bit confusing.

Basically what I want to do is use my Computer as a headphone amp for electric guitar. I have two programs. One that slows down video at same pitch and one that slow down MP3s at same pitch. I want the effected sound of my guitar from the Amp/Effect sim to come out the Headphones as well as well as the sound of the two programs I mentioned above. This is what I want to use to practice. Right now I am using a Line 6 Podxt Red Bean. It allows the sounds from the computer to come out of the headphones attached to it along with the effected sound of the guitar. It is like 10 years old and I thinks it is time for an upgrade especially since I just moved up to Windows 10 and it no longer supports a program where you can control the Pod from your computer screen. That is why I need help with a good setup. Already got the Focusrite Audio Interface now I need to figure out the rest. Thanks
You don't need a DAW aka digital audio workstation in order to use an amp sim. Lots of amp sims can work as "standalone" . There's many amp sims, amplitube,guitar rig, peavey revalver, etc.I recommend guitar rig 5, it's versatile and can do blues,rock, metal etc. I think there is a free version out there, it comes with 1 amp and some effects. Google around for it, I don't remember whats it's called. I have the full guitar rig 5 on disc and I have it installed on both my computers, because it sounds GREAT as a headphone amp. 

If you're looking to record on a DAW with an amp sim, try Reaper. It's simple to use and the file size is only about 10-13mbps. So it would download and install in less than 5 minutes...

Best to go with a DAW...but some of these can work as standalone. I think ^ does, so does Amplitube. Amplitube also has a free version which is barebones but works.

If you don't want to do it that way, there are also some vst host programs, they will load the effects for you.
Here are some links for reviews, articles on free vst host which you can use to run amplifier plugins:

You could possible get a lot of the freeware amp sims and IR loaders and use them as standalone with these hosts.