Hey guys, this is my first time posting here.

I did a quick, single take recording of one of the songs I'm working on.
It's obviously a little unpolished, but I would appreciate any honest feedback.

The song is called "Regret" and pretty much speaks for itself.
If my enunciation/accent sucks too much, just ask and I'll add the lyrics to the thread.

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Listening now. The production is actually pretty good for being a single take. The melody really pulls you in to the mood of the song, and those guitar breaks with vocals only really add variation and dynamic to the song. I'd be really curious to actually hear this song with bass, drums, etc full production.

The songwriting is solid, and the chorus is quite catchy. Who are you musical influences?

While listening the part @ 2:18 kind of caught me off guard, I don't know why. For a minute it sounded out of tune, but on second listen I think it works nicely. Just a bit different to hear at first since the song has a perfect melody.

The singing was great, I don't feel the accent/enunciation got in the way at all. Are you playing/singing at the same time? I'm sure if you recorded separately you could even improve it further.

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Hey, thanks for the listen and input. Yea, I played and sang at once. Will definitely try to do a more formal recording some time.
I'm away from my computer for the weekend, but I'll give your songs a listen when I'm back home.
ambush is merely another name for Camping
I know nothing about vocals because that is not my area of expertise however, I liked the melody of the song and your guitar sounds really clear. I also really liked the middle and ending sections of the song where you are soloing. The only thing I would fix is the few mistakes like at 1:17. If you do record a more formal recording I'm sure mistakes like that won't be an issue. Overall Great song !!!
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to give it a listen . I'll make sure to get a more polished performance recorded some time. 
If you have any music of yours that you would like an opinion on, please just post the link to your thread here in a reply. 
ambush is merely another name for Camping
Hey man, this tracks sounds really good. However you recorded your guitar and voice, it came out really well. If you added a touch of reverb to your instrument and voice to create a bigger atmosphere, I think it would sound very nice. Really, the only thing I didn't like was that there wasn't much decay for your voice, it kind of just stopped. You said it's unpolished so that's fine for now, just something to think about for the future. Good job!