Hello. I've been noticing, that one of my huge flaws is that when i slide with my pinky, it'll often get an ''angle'' and then my pinky just stops at the fret, instead of sliding above it, most likely because of this ''angle'' it gets. Do any of you have any experience in dealing with this? Thanks!
I can't say I've experienced EXACTLY that issue, but I have a bit of an idea here. Fret like you normally would with your pinky, and then put your ring finger on the string right behind it(if/when you can). This should give you a tiny bit more "oomph" in the pinky and stabilize things a bit. Over time, just work on getting your ring finger out of the equation and you should be good to go.

EDITED: Somehow forgot to put a "y" in pinky. The phrase "a bit more 'oomph' in the pink" does not sound right at all.
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