My name is Heidi and I am interested in what you, as musical people, think and feel about the world about you.
I am a student at the University of Surrey in the UK and I've put together a short online survey which asks questions about thoughts and moods. 
I am particularly interested in the relationship between how you perceive and think about things, and your level of musicianship.
So, please, if you would like to make a contribution or if you're simply curious about what my psychology survey is about then follow the link below and flow through the questionnaire. All the information you need is provided as you go along. 
Just to note, it's 100% anonymous, I don't ask for information which could identify you in anyway, so you can relax in offering your most honest opinion.

If you wish to decline this invitation however, then I ask if you could pass the link onto someone who you think might be willing, all responses count.


Thank you for your attention, and best wishes.

Just like to thank those of you who have taken the time and effort to complete the survey. If you're interested in what it was all about then I am happy to send you the summary of outcomes when ready.

Again if you could pass this onto any musician friends who might not be on this forum then please do so.

Many thanks
Mike2k5  The survey is in service again now. Sorry for the confusion, but I had a temporary glitch and had to shut it down for a day. If you try to access it again all should be working as normal.
Thank you for your interest.