I have been looking for new 7 string, at the moment i am selling ESp ltd mh 417. There were few guitars i have been thinking of, however i really hate black colour either borwn natural finishes. Guitar i have been using mainly is a Ibanez Rg7421 PB in Saphire Blue Flataqua. What i am looking for? Mostly and longer scale guitar like RgD 7421, but its damn black and ugly and i cant stand it. I may give again a try for schecter, i have had a hellraiser c7 and sold it for ibanez i have mentioned. Schecter was really heavy and thick compared to Ibanez or ESP Ltd.

Is Schecter Damien Elite 7 as thick and heavy as other schecters? I pretty much love Crimson Red finish on it, and price tag is 425 dollars here in EU. Can you tell me more about this guitar?
Just get an ibanez rgdix7. It's not black at all.
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O forgot to mention, budget is up to 500. The ibanez u have mentiones cost at least 1000 here. Also i dont like thay weird.body seems burger fat.
The Damien line usually has a basswood body. I haven't found Schecter to have super heavy guitars.
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