I have been looking for new 7 string, at the moment i am selling ESp ltd mh 417. There were few guitars i have been thinking of, however i really hate black colour either borwn natural finishes. Guitar i have been using mainly is a Ibanez Rg7421 PB in Saphire Blue Flataqua. What i am looking for? Mostly and longer scale guitar like RgD 7421, but its damn black and ugly and i cant stand it. I may give again a try for schecter, i have had a hellraiser c7 and sold it for ibanez i have mentioned. Schecter was really heavy and thick compared to Ibanez or ESP Ltd.

Is Schecter Damien Elite 7 as thick and heavy as other schecters? I pretty much love Crimson Red finish on it, and price tag is 425 dollars here in EU. Can you tell me more about this guitar?
O forgot to mention, budget is up to 500. The ibanez u have mentiones cost at least 1000 here. Also i dont like thay weird.body seems burger fat.
The Damien line usually has a basswood body. I haven't found Schecter to have super heavy guitars.
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