Man what a difference! I am so happy with this amp now, I got the amp when they first came out, so it was time for new tubes, then I treated myself to a speaker too. I'd say it sounds twice as good as it did a few days ago! ( the cleans are still the same...pretty bad lol) but the lead channel is all I could ever hope for.
Cool Bud tube changes and speakers make all the difference.
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that amp probably loves that v30. you did it justice!

I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.

Just wait until that V 30 breaks-in after 25 hours or so -- you'll be creaming yourself.
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+1 the break in takes a while, but its worth it.
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Now do the Soldano, Fender Bassman tone stack mods along with a hot bias mod, and modding the effects loop.

You can turn this amp into an absolute screamer with all the mods that are documented for it.
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