Hey i am new member of the Ultimate Guitar forums i opened this post because i have a lot of questions about beginning to play electric guitar

First of all im an acoustic guitar player for about 4 or 5 months i used to play classical guitar at a very young age of 7-10 played for 3 years and for some reason i stopped playing it. And i am now 15 year old teen started learning acoustic guitar but who wants to play electric guitar. I do really enjoy playing Acoustic but i am a metal head. I listen to Black sabbath Big four Led zeppelin judas priest etc etc but mostly Metallica So by that time i am trying to convince my parents to buy me an electric guitar plus an amp.

My Budget is 1000$ 940€ 810£ s

And now my questions

1. As i said earlier i am a HUGE Metallica fan and in guitar that i am gonna buy should it really need to has active pick-ups? As i learned in records and as i see both Kirk and James uses EMG pick-ups.

2. My 2nd question is about frets. I am into thrash metal mostly and a lot of thrash metal bands i like (Metallica and Megadeth mostly) uses 23rd and 24th frets. Again do i need a 24 fretted guitar or a 22 fretted guitar would be enough?

3. 3rd question is about a tremolo/whammy bar. The songs that i am planning to play is Van Halen Megadeth Metallica etc etc. Those bands use tremolo specially Eddie van Halen. My question is another than a original floyd rose really a pain in the butt?

4. Question is what guitars + amps you have in mind ? i am currently thinking of a Schecter Hellraiser c1 Fr which has an original floyd rose 24 frets Emg81 Emg89 which i have in my country for 755 dolars in a discount so i have 250 dollars left for an amp. Im not going to gig so I want a cheap amp expensive guitar. What do you have in mind ?

Lastly with and out in those questions any advices.


Sorry if i made grammer mistakes English isnt my native language.
I think the biggest mistake entry level players make is overlooking the amp. As it is the final say in your sound after all, I've seen some pretty cheap guitars that were set up well that play just as good as guitars costing twice as much, and played through a decent amp still sound really good, Whereas an expensive guitar through a crappy amp still sounds like crap, Another mistake is assuming that the brand name you associate with is not outsourced to Asian and Indonesian companies that also make guitars for dozens of other brand names, Meaning that Harley Benson or whatever you have in the UK is any different than that Schecter, Both are made by the same outsourced company in many cases, But in the case of the Schecter your paying more for the logo on the headstock,
So to answer your questions, Active pickups still sound like crap through a crappy amp, Personally I find them to be a bit sterile and prefer a good passive and a good amp.
Frets. Well if you get to the point your using the 24th fret on a regular basis your 've progressed much further than your budget allows, At this point don't worry about it and find a guitar that suits you
All Floyd Rose bridges or any floating bridge for that matter are a pain in the ass for a newb, especially if using alternate tunings Period end of discussion.
The guitar and amp you choose is just a matter of preference, What I like you may not, The important thing is you like them, I just think you'd be making a rookie mistake going the cheap amp expensive guitar route, Split the difference,
you really need a good amp to get the most out of those emgs, as nastytroll said. that's not to say they'll make no difference, but a set of EMGs is expensive, and guitars which come stock with them will be more expensive (by and large, unless you just get lucky with a sale price or something) than those which don't- it might be better putting the money into something else, in other words.

there are good locking trems other than an OFR, but you're right, they tend to be expensive. I wouldn't want to go with a worse trem than an FRT-x000 trem, really. it's not quite as nice as an OFR but it's decent, and is a direct swap.
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Another vote for giving a lot of thought to the amp. They are the key to good sound. I think it helps to think of the instrument as the guitar and its amplification chain. For that sort of money I would be thinking about less guitar and more amp. My personal split would be about 3:7, guitar:amp, but my genres are different to yours, and you have to spend enough on the guitar that you want to play it.
Amp is extremely important, you can sound like a god with a cheap ass guitar through a good amp, the opposite is generally not true, not even close.
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