I just bought a fender mim 2006 strat and was considering buying a v6 vintage icon with humbucker , wll it sound as good as my mim strat or dont waste my money? Also do sx strats sound as good as vintage strats? Whats a good cheap strat with a wide fingerboard i can cop? All advice welcome
it's hard to say. it may well sound better, but the tone's not the only thing that affects the price.
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This is totally up to you, which one you think sounds better. I would recommend to you that you go into a music shop and just check them out and go with the one you personally like most soundwise.
The V6 will sound different right off the bat because of the humbuckers if your MIM is packed with singlecoils.  As for the SX... from what I hear they're hit or miss with the majority being trash.

This might also help out a bit: [url="(Invalid video video code)]
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