I've been looking for this sound for a while and I have found it in this pedal:


The sample and hold mode is pretty much exactly what I've been looking for but it seems strange to me to spend £200 on a pedal and only use one feature on it. Do you guys know of any other pedals that have that sort of oscillating, arpeggio sort of sound (think RHCP "throw away your television" solo).
What is that even called?! Maybe a Step-Octaver or a Step-Ring Modulator?

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Look up Gonkulator maybe? I think DOD made that. Also Roger Lynn Adrenalynn multifx.

I've checked out the Gonkulator. Whilst it's a cool pedal, it doesn't seem to have that step function i'm looking for. I really want something that oscillates quite randomly.

The Adrenalynn is more expensive than the EQD Pedal I first mentioned.

Thanks for the response though.
The step function is called "sample and hold." The Television part live is the Obi-Wah setting on a Line 6 FM4. You can also get the same algorithm from any of the M series, like the M5 or M13. A used M5 is probably the cheapest way to get the effect, individual effects with sample and hold tend to be expensive.

Other dedicated pedal options which are cheaper than the EQD used are the Subdecay Proteus, Xotic Robotalk 2, and the Zvex Ooh Wah.