Hey everyone!

I recently attempted to switch the polarity on my Gibson Explorer's neck pickup since I have a Brian May-modded Strat and wanted the closest thing to that reversed-polarity effect using humbuckers. Whether or not it would have worked is beyond the point. It seemed easy enough to just try.

After opening the pickup up, flipping the magnet and putting the pickup back together, the sound output is very thin. I tried opening it up and flipping it back, but I still get a very thin output. Even the bridge pickup is warmer than the neck pickup now.

Could it be that I broke a wire? I triple-checked and nothing looks broken.
Could it be that the magnet isn't pressed tightly enough against the poles? Could I have messed the poles up somehow? Could I have "weakened" the magnet somehow?
I of course tried to bring the pickup closer to the strings to no avail.
I'm running out of ideas here.

One thing I've noticed is that tapping on the problematic pickup's poles produces a much weaker response than tapping on the bridge pickup's poles.

The pickup is a Gibson 496R.

Thanks in advance for the help!