Today i acquired an acoustic from my grandfather. He is moving in to a retirement home unfortunately, but he was kind enough to give me the guitar as he knew i played. It looks rather old and needs quite a lot of tlc. But looking it over it has a badge with im assuming is the company name wealth. In the hollow it has a label that has the same name as well as "japan" and #"30". I definitely dont want to get rid of of it because of the sentimental value as I'm assuming he got it while stationed in Japan as a marine. So my question is it something of value worth sending to a luthier to get refurbished or is it something i should just clean up and keep it from getting any worse? I'll attach some photos when i get home.
I've not heard of the company but if you could post pics of the guitar I might be able to give you some info about the guitar.
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It is a nylon string guitar. Unfortunately I can't give you more info than that from the photos.
Not taking any online orders.
A Jida, huh?  Wealth model.   Probably not the best wood selection but by now should sound really good.  Definately a keeper.  The frets and board need cleaning up and the tuners should probably be replaced if too worn but they should at least be removed, cleaned up, reassembled and greased..  
Is that a hump behind the bridge?  If the bridge is twisted forward you could have buzz requiring a taller saddle.
The fact that it looks as if it is designed for nylon strings means that you shouldn't put steel string on it, at least no heavier than 9-42, or the high tension might cause damage.

I doubt that it has any great monetary value, but such things are priceless as heirlooms, so I personally wouldn't mess with it too much, just a good clean and set up.

If the geometry has deteriorated to unplayability, I would convert it to lap steel with an extension nut, as that is one of my interests.
Have a tech check it out and see if they can get it playing nice. i bet it would sound great with a tune up and new strings.
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