I could really use some help. I have a Epiphone Thunderhorse explorer and am considering upgrading the tuners. Currently it has Grover mini-romatic tuners but I am looking for a set of locking tuners that would fit without needing to drill holes. Basically a exact fit. Has anyone done this before on this specific guitar? Any experience / advice or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Just take one out, measure it, and then compare specs with other locking tuners. I believe most of the companies put exact measurements online. Why do you want to change them tho, i have this exact guitar, and it stays in tune pretty well?
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Why do you want to change the tuners on this guitar? The stock Grovers are perfectly fine.
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Alright. Thanks for the advice. They work great, I just want to install locking tuners because string changing is so quick and easy. Thanks again!