Guitar: Ibanez RG prestige 1570 w/ duncan SH-8 (invader)
Amp: Bugera 6262 (peavey van halen copy)

Whenever I hit the lead channel, I really need to lower the gain, it's at like, 1... and still howls.
My Marshall TSL-100 never really had these issues... May just go back to that old amp even tho the footswitch and FX loop is a piece of ballsack

I've recently tried changing the preamp tubes (Electro Harmonix 12AX7), taken off the pre covers, and switched out the 6L6GC power amps to EL34's to see if anything would change... Nothing.

But turning down the guitar pot volume to 9/10 helps a hella lot.

Could anyone here give any pointers? I have a couple of noisegates... Which help somewhat, but is changing out the pickup to a less hot one the only choice to tame this beast? How about changing pots?

Any other solutions that come to mind?

Help would be really appreciated.

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