I have been playing guitar for about 7years and now i wanted to try something new, i want to write some instrumentals but i dont know what program should i use to make drum, bass and program to mix it all togheter with my guitar recordings. So can you help me...
The first thing you want is a DAW.

This is the way I do it - there are many others.

Buy a recording interface to record the guitar with (or do you already have one?)

Download Reaper. This is your multitrack recorder and mixer.

Watch all the videos on its website that tell you how to use it.

Download a synth VST and use Reaper's midi programming to play it.

Download a drum VST and do the same for drums.

There are free VSTs and expensive ones. I am a amatuer musician so I use the free ones. Look in Reaper's forums for recommendations.
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