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"Return to Poland is in schedule, though again with a little twist. Today's post is a contribution by our reader Opiekacz and this is his one man band Host, where he operated using the name Grzechu ("sin") and a 2008 CDr compilation of two demos dating to end of 2002 (November and December). The actual disc was released in pretty limited quantity but he's had the files available elsewhere, so I'm making sort of an exception here. Most links seem dead, so I guess it is justified really. No actual cover scan, but he included a flyer which has almost the same image as the cover had anyways so let's go with that.

You're probably expecting bedroom black metal by now?

And yes, that is somewhat justified as the production is quite minimalistic, drums by machine
(UPDATE: nope, electronic drums human-played)

and generally things have that computerized feeling.

Sound is of the clean and clear variety, guitars slightly weaker than vocals and percussion... well, they're actually pretty much on the same level, neither strings nor pounds drown other one out. It's fine, not trying to pass for necro and considering the music fits decently. Voice is raspy and rough, but still quite sing-songy, reminds me a little bit of Master's Hammer actually.

The music is, as already hinted, not of the standard sulking in the sleeping chamber variety either, actually it's also closer to "The Jilemnice Occultist" than "A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors" as it sounds in places very close to classical inspired heavy metal.

Or is it power metal? Well, I guess you know what I mean.

The minimalistic naming sense is an interesting decision too, seeing as the songs are titled Path 1 and so on
and the demos just by month of release.

Or actually the CDr cover just mentioned tracks 1,2
and 3,4 so perhaps he retconned that.

Well, whatever the case might be it's different from what one might expect and agreeable in a dose of this size, a bit under half an hour.

Have a listen if you don't mind some neoclassical leanings in your black or maybe more accurately dark metal".