I've owned this head since it came out. Loud as shit, not tube, but lots of gain and cleans sound great with good gear.

I've got a tube classic 30 peavey now for classic cleans and blues, getting a 6505 plus head for my rocking metal Monday.

Could use the extra bucks selling this for a couple hundred.

Will I regret it?
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Dang it, it's strange but it just still sounds good to me but I could be just so used to it, as a solid state head it sounds great but certainly does now have a lot of low end warmth like a tube head. Idk.
I mean, if you have the room and don't NEED the money, not a lot of point in selling it. It's good to have a back-up, and the Excaliburs weren't terrible.
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I say keep it. A very tight and sharp solid state distortion has its place when playing some very fast brutal death metal, Dying Fetus style. I dont know how close Excalibur is to the Crate GX130C and Ampeg VH140C (which are both highly sought after SS amps for metal) but it is probably close enough and if you like it even after receiving 6505 then there is no reason to not keep it. Having a back up is also good if you ever play live.

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Our 2nd guutarist had that, IMO it is a POS...but very loud one. It could work as backup amp.
It took him several years to unload it for something like $150.

Hey man ya wanna buy a crate head? Lol