I think this song has a lot of potential, with the right vocalist it will be very good. Lots of play with the rhythm that I like. 
I would suggest maybe a bit of a smoother introduction to the solo guitar at the +- 5:20 mark. Maybe a reversed reverb kind of effect just to make it's start less abrupt. 
Solid musicianship throughout.

Please have a listen to my song and give some feedback, Thanks.
ambush is merely another name for Camping
Hey Rory, I like the mysterious intro, it sets up  the unpredictable nature of the song very well. You also use some really interesting chords that sound unfamiliar to my ears, but I tend to like the dissonance. At the same time, I do wish you would have thrown in a major chord or two to break from the eeriness, but that's just me. As far as the mix goes, you did a pretty good job. At times, it can be difficult to hear the kick. I think its volume simply needs to be raised.The solo was really well done, and played cleanly like the rest of the song. I'm not sure if it's because of the stereo effect on the guitar, but it kind of sounds like the other instruments are all of a sudden thrown to the back of the mix at 5:21. Overall, this was really well done, I'm glad you shared it.