I am going to buy vox highest watt amp that they made in the past some point in the near future. Is it the vox supreme 200w amps or is it there another vox amps.
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What do you hope to achieve by simply aiming at the highest wattage from a specific manufacturer?
Do you have a specific sound you're looking for?
You know that 30 watts of tube power is more than enough for anything most people will need?
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I wanna know this as well. And i wanna know what OP is gonna use it for, because whatever it is, its gonna be awesome. You should also look into the Crate BlueVoodoo 600, it has (obvously) 600w of power.
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Assuming we are talking about Tube amps, 200 would be loud as hell, much less 600.

On the other hand, my 700 watt powered PA speaker is loud, but not near as loud as the numbers would lead you to believe. I can probably drown it out with a 100 watt head cranked to about 3.