I see what you mean by listening to your stuff.

Right now the drums are all in one track, so need to figure out how to split them out and then put eq and comp on each individual track.

Other issue is, I'm just using presets in the stock EQ and Compression that come with Reaper. Not really sure what knobs to turn to dial in the sound so just relying on set presets.

More to learn, I guess.
I think this could work well as a song with vocals, feels like a nice heavy scream should come in any moment. It is a good base from which to build, I can hear a lot of potential in this.
I love the little transition around the 1:05 mark. 
Production wise it needs work, but I cant give you any advice regarding that as I am equally inexperienced.

Keep it up.

If you have a moment, please check out my song. It's of a completely different genre, but tell me what you think.

ambush is merely another name for Camping
Thank you for reviewing my music.  Now your tunes: 'Sleepwalking': could use some good vocals.  I think the electric bass could use a bit more more bass (low frequencies) EQ.   I'm sensitive to high frequencies (partially because of the headphones I use): I'd have a bit less treble on the guitar. Otherwise I think it sounds pretty good.  I like some of the riffs.  What kind of engineer are you?  I'm a mechanical engineer myself.  'Steel Reign': even though WWII was pretty horrendous, I have always been fascinated by it.  The recording is made more interesting with the sound effects.  My grandfather (a doctor) served in the US Army in WWI & WWII (he was a colonel and knew General McArthur, my grandfather thought he had a big ego) .  In my previous job, I helped design some mechanical things that boosted production of Boeing 737 wings in Renton, Washington.  They used to build B-29's there.
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This is pretty good for your first recorded song man!! You should add some vocals, would add SO much to the song. I'm loving that bass too, it's pretty sick. I like the distortion you're using too, dirty as fuck it's perfect.

Songwriting is great imo too. All in all song is sick, just add vocals man for real it's badass.

Good job aikiboy2k 
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aaron aardvark I'm an electrical/controls engineer. Do mostly automation projects, right now, for automated warehouses. I'll work on my bass sound, seems like I have trouble finding the sweet spot where i take most of the low freq out and having it be too boomy. 
I've had much more experience with bulk-loading conveyors, though I've had some experience with package handling conveyor systems (was Rapistan-Demag, now I think it is Dematic).  Does your EQ have a "Q" control (perhaps in your DAW)?  You might try experimenting with that if you have yet to do so.
aaron aardvark Dematic and my company were both acquired by the same company last year so now we're essentially 'Dematic' now. 

I'll look for the Q control. Just using the standard EQ VST that comes with Reaper.