Hey. I'm looking for a cheap 6 string electric bass.
Has anyone got any recommendations?
My budget is between: £100 and £500.
The reason being.
I hate having to tune to F standard on my 4 string to play songs on a 5 string by transposing the notes. And I want to learn some Scale The Summit on Bass.

If the basses are comparable to the guitars, the Harley Benton's are probably good enough. I don't know what's available used, and I'm inclined to think Rondo's Brice line, while in your price range might get killed with shipping and government fees.

If you see some used Ibanez BTB, based on the reputation alone, I'd check one out.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
Ibanez has a six string gio, I believe. It's not bad at all. 
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